An FDA-Cleared Connected Care Solution for Any Care Setting

Stasis provides you with the power to safely and strategically improve performance and grow your business—all while providing the highest quality of care for patients.

Beyond a Bedside Monitor

A Different Kind of Patient Monitoring System

Unlike your average static bedside monitors, the Stasis connected care monitoring system provides patient data to any device through the cloud, making it usable for data driven insights.

The Stasis Monitor

Bedside monitoring—redefined.

Stasis measures six key vital signs in a single monitor: heart rate, blood oxygen, electrocardiogram, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and temperature.


The Stasis Tablet

Intuitive monitoring—on a touchscreen.

Stasis makes it easy to customize the system per patient and automatically document vital signs to increase nursing productivity.

The Stasis App

Remote monitoring—on all your devices.

Stasis provides access to high-resolution patient charts and powerful notifications to a clinician’s phone or computer.

cloud lines

The Stasis Cloud

Actionable monitoring—securely stored in the cloud.

From day one, data is captured in a historical record to provide data insight reports to improve patient experience and safely drive service line growth.

Integrate Into Any Care Setting Within Hours, Not Weeks

We believe that all clinicians should have access to data that improves patient care without the challenges of launching and maintaining a complex system. That’s why the FDA-cleared Stasis connected monitoring system was built based on input from practicing clinicians with ease-of-use and connectivity in mind, making it the perfect fit for a multitude of care settings.

Ambulatory Surgery
Centers & Outpatient Facilities

Inpatient Care

Inpatient Care

Ambulatory Surgery Centers & Outpatient Facilities

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