We're on a mission to make healthcare more accessible

Founded in 2015 with the belief that everyone deserves quality access to healthcare — it's a human right. Stasis has developed the Simply Connect Platform with top global healthcare providers to keep clinical teams connected to their patients. Stasis unlocks patient data trapped at the bedside, integrates it with the hospital’s software systems, and makes it available for doctors and nurses to manage their at-risk patients, wherever they are.
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People First

Whether an employee, a customer or anyone else we encounter, we treat every person as a member of our global family to maximize our positive impact on the world.
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Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy

Integrity guides our every decision. Challenging ourselves to deliver the right solution with the right approach, even under difficult circumstances, is the Stasis way.
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Always Ask “WHY?”

An open culture that encourages its people to question, driving innovation and inspiring curiosity—all leading to transparent communication among the people involved.

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Strive For Simplicity

We work hard to find simple solutions to complex problems. By striving for simplicity, we ensure that our vision is accurately realized through the lens of our core values.
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Meet Our Leadership Team

Michael Maylahn

Chief Executive Officer

Dinesh Seemakurty

Chief Product Officer

Dane Shackleford

Chief Commercial Officer

Mark Davis

Chief Technical Officer

Russ Kino, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Midori Kondo

Product Director, US

Roheet Rao, MB, BS, MSc, PhD

Director, India

Meet Our Advisory Board

Perry DeAugustine

Commercial Advisor

Anthony Jones, MD

Market Advisor

Brian Finster

Sales Advisor

Kathleen Kenny, MD

Clinical Advisor

Ray Raven, MD

Customer Advisor

Steve Steinhubi, MD

Clinical Advisor

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