Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Solutions

We believe that patient-clinician connection shouldn’t only happen next to the bedside. With Stasis, clinical staff gains access to remotely see how their patients are doing with the assurance that they’re connected when they need to be.

Informed clinicians. Excellent care.

With the Stasis Connectivity Platform, you can see vital signs monitor data for all patients, seamlessly broadcasted wherever you need it: nursing stations, observation areas, or on-the-go from a smartphone. 

Here are examples of how our RPM solutions are currently saving lives and clinical time around the world:
High acuity graphic

High acuity

High acuity areas, such as Emergency Departments, Step-Down Units, and specialty areas, see an overwhelming load of different patients and conditions each day. With Stasis, you can set up observation dashboards in central areas to track all your patients remotely and use automatic risk sorting to highlight high-risk cases. Customizable notifications & alerts can be personalized for each patient, reducing alarm fatigue while maintaining safety.

Low acuity graphic

Low acuity

Critical events or sudden deterioration can happen in low acuity areas, such as in private rooms and wards, where clinical surveillance is the lowest. With the Stasis web and mobile apps, care teams can keep track of their patients’ statuses from wherever they are, preventing delays in treatment or missed events. Insight reports help to visualize the complete patient profile throughout their stay and assist with charting from admission to discharge.

Outpatient graphic


Outpatient care sees a high volume of patients coming through the doors. Stasis helps ease the burden of manual admin tasks for your healthcare staff with automated data collection from vital signs. Integrations with HIS/EMR systems allow clinicians to access vital sign information without having to switch between multiple systems. In an outpatient setting, where patients come are often seen by multiple clinical staff members, data integrations guarantee that all patient information is accurate, complete, and up-to-date, allowing for better coordination of care.

Ambulance graphic


The Stasis Platform provides paramedics with a powerful tool to monitor, track and communicate patient information in real time. By automating and digitizing data collection, paramedics can spend more time focused on patient care, rather than on documenting information. By providing hospital staff with remote access to vitals information, they can be better prepared to receive the patient when they arrive, leading to a smoother transition of care. 

Not Your Average RPM

Remote patient monitoring with the Stasis Platform supports clinical teams to deliver quality care, at a lower cost.

* As seen in an independent 5-month peer-reviewed published clinical study using Stasis in a hospital step-down unit.


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You plug us in — we provide you with a smart connectivity solution that makes it easy to extract clinical and operational value from your data. Here’s how:

automate new


Automate data collection from vital signs monitors. By digitalizing your charting process, you can eliminate manual charting, decrease errors, and save time, while enhancing clinical decision-making with immediate access to your data.

observe new updated


Send and receive data with HIS/EMR using a flexible cloud infrastructure that meets your specific privacy and security requirements.



Key patient data is now available for review, digitally, in the platform that is most convenient for you: within the hospital information system, other hospital software, and on the Stasis secure RPM apps.

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