Ambulatory Surgery Centers & Outpatient Facilities

Let Stasis put your patient data to use by unlocking clinical and operational opportunities so you can safely improve performance, provide the highest quality of care for patients, and scale to full potential.

Accelerate Growth with Intelligent Outpatient Care

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ACSs) and outpatient facilities are uniquely positioned for rapid growth following the COVID-19 pandemic. Stasis helps outpatient care providers use connected care monitoring to safely manage large, complex caseloads and preserve profitability by making smart, deliberate decisions when it comes to your operational processes and patient care.

connected care

Connected Care

See six core vitals and other key information for all patients, seamlessly broadcasted anywhere nursing station, operating room, or on-the-go from your smartphone. Not only does this eliminate manual charting and decrease errors, but your team can also add customizable event-based alerts to make better decisions in real-time for things like patient recovery, risk and discharge.


Seamless Integration

Adding a new system doesn’t have to be complicated. From installation to staff onboarding, our user-friendly process helps teams go forward with connected care without the hassle. Stasis seamlessly works with any practice management and EHR solutions, fits into clinical workflows with minimal changes, and offers robust staff training including remote install and training options.


Built to Scale

No matter the size of your center or budget, you deserve to have the tools and support that help you scale intelligently. With a connected care monitoring system, you have the power to reduce variance in clinician performance, improve patient selection and throughput, and add complex surgery cases without the
risk. As your facility and bottom line grow, Stasis is right there with you.

Stasis in Action: Glendale Surgery Center

Not Your Average RPM

The Stasis connected care system is so much more than a bedside monitor.

With Stasis, not only will your team have access to real-time vitals on any device through the cloud. The data is simultaneously stored and aggregated into actionable reports to help grow your business in a smart, controlled way.


Take the First Step Towards Unlocking Opportunity

With actionable insights reporting specifically tailored for your ASC or outpatient facility, you’ll have the power to unlock clinical and operational data opportunities and improve performance in just three steps.

automate new


Automate the collection of vitals data, eliminating manual charting, documentation errors, and digitize paper-based data.
observe new updated


Watch remotely how all patients are recovering, intervening as needed to maintain patient safety for riskier cases.



Review the data to increase the selection of riskier patients, reduce clinical variance, and safely discharge patients earlier.

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