Do you know if your patients are



right now?

Under-monitoring patients is common and leads to worse patient outcomes.

70% of hospital patients are under-monitored, and 75% of adverse effects in a hospital happen to unmonitored patients.

But there are warning signs before crashes.

84% of patients show symptoms 8 hours before crashing.

So why aren't doctors seeing those warning signs?

Doctors don't have the right tools to effectively monitor every patient.

Stasis is the easiest way to monitor all your patients

Family-Friendly Display
Color coded icons keep families informed and reduce stress
6 Vital Signs
Heart rate, blood oxygen, EKG, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and temperature
No Configuration
No knobs, no buttons, no setup
Automatic Records
Clearly see patient trend lines without manual charting
Mobile Nursing Station
Stream waveforms and vitals in real time
Meaningful Alarms
Stop alarm fatigue by setting custom alarm ranges for each patient

We help you catch symptoms before patients crash

Our Story

Inspired By India

While in an Indian hospital, CEO Dinesh Seemakurty witnessed a loved one pass away due to a lack of sufficient monitoring. He saw first hand how the lack of medical technology impacted healthcare.

Designed in California

The Stasis Team partnered with the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, the world leader in heart transplants, for the development of a cutting edge monitoring system.

Made in India, For the World

We manufacture our hardware entirely in Karnataka, India.  We believe in high quality manufacturing processes, and we've partnered with an ISO 13485 certified medical device manufacturer.

Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare

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